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Where Your Journey to Inner Peace Begins! At InnerHeal, we're here to guide you on your path to self-discovery and healing. We believe in the power of introspection and the unique beauty within each individual. Our name embodies the essence of our mission—to nurture your inner world and facilitate healing from within. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey together.

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Meet the experience Mental Health Professionals

Priyanka Jain

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Neha Agarwal

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Please note all sessions from 11 AM - 5 PM are offline & online both, and 6 PM - 7 PM is exclusively online. Avail 100% cashback for the first session, if found unsatisfactory

Therapy Benefits

If speaking kindly to plants can help them grow, just imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do.

Self-Discovery and Growth
Empowerment with Lifelong Tools
Expert Guidance Through Challenges

We do it best.

Individual Therapy

At InnerHeal Therapy, We provide personalized support for individuals seeking self-discovery and growth. Our experienced psychologists guide you through a transformative journey to inner healing and improved mental well-being.

Teen Therapy

Navigating the challenges of adolescence becomes smoother with InnerHeal Therapy. Our teen counselling services offer a safe and understanding space, empowering young minds to cope with transitions, build resilience, and thrive in their unique journeys.

Couple Therapy

InnerHeal Therapy specializes in fostering connection and harmony within relationships. Our couple counselling services offer a supportive environment to navigate challenges, enhance communication, and rediscover the strength of partnerships for lasting well-being.

Embark on your mental wellness journey.

Anxiety Control

Find relief from anxiety through our counselling services. We foster resilience and promote a balanced, anxiety-free life.

Low Self Esteem & Confidence Building

Boost self-esteem and confidence through targeted counselling services fostering a positive self-image and building inner strength for lasting confidence.

Anger Guidance

Transform destructive anger into positive energy with expert counselling services fostering emotional intelligence and healthier expression for lasting well-being.

Depression Support

Get compassionate counselling for depression customized to meet your needs, offering support for a brighter and more optimistic tomorrow.

Grief & Loss Support

Navigate the journey of grief with supportive counselling services, helping individuals cope with loss and find a path towards healing and acceptance.

Trauma Recovery

Heal from trauma with specialized counselling services, fostering resilience and reclaiming a sense of control.

Relationship Couselling

Therapy offers a safe and neutral space for couples to explore communication patterns, identify underlying issues, and develop effective conflict resolution skills and growth within the relationship.

Emotional Distress & Sleep Issues

Emotional distress is intense discomfort stemming from life challenges, trauma, or mental health issues, impacting emotions and daily life.

Stress Management

Explore personalized stress management counselling services designed to help you overcome stressors and improve your mental well-being.


Our clients knows best.

Explore heartfelt testimonials from our clients, where names are withheld to uphold our strict client confidentiality policy. Learn how InnerHeal Therapy has made a positive impact on their lives and well-being.

"My sessions with Priyanka were insightful. It has helped me understand myself better, navigate through my emotions, mental confusion & breakdown. Her advice, when followed, has brought me closer to myself & added more peace in my life. She is very patient, makes sure that we get something out of the session instead of rushing through them"
@Social Worker & Seeker
"I discovered therapy during one of the most challenging periods in my life when my anxiety was at its peak. Although  I had my apprehensions about therapy, but those flew out of the window when I attended few sessions with Priyanka Ma'am. Her approach is genuine, and her practical insights have been invaluable. She never made me feel as if I were a mere patient of hers, but rather she helped me work on my deep-rooted issues as a well-guiding mentor. Her therapy sessions have played a pivotal role in my mental well being"
@Charted Accountant
"Working with Neha Agarwal has been life-changing. Her compassionate approach and deep understanding helped me navigate through my challenges with clarity and confidence. I'm forever grateful for her guidance. I used to sweat when I was slightly stressed and she helped me figure the causes out and looking back, Im so grateful to have chosen her as my therapist."
"Neha Agarwal is a true gem in the world of therapy. Her ability to create a safe and nurturing space allowed me to open up and address issues I'd been struggling with for years. I feel lighter and more empowered after each session."
@19 year old Student
"In 2022 I was going through a really tough phase of my life,finding solution of my situation was a bit difficult.It was my first time going through anxiety attacks and panic attacks, one of my friends recommended me to take therapy under Priyanka and it was really helpful to me.I took multiple therapy sessions online and talked myself out to Priyanka.She helped me understand my emotions better and calmed me down, I was given various exercises that helped me heal during the time of attacks. Priyanka was really polite and the sessions were extremely interactive. I am thankful to her that I got myself back and learnt alot in the entire period of therapy.It is very important to say okay to therapy and take help to fight depression"I wish Neha and Priyanka the very best for this venture.
@Student & Social Media Influencer

Embark on your mental wellness journey.

Read success stories that showcase the transformative experiences our peers have had with our services.

Priyanka was in supervision under me for one year in mindfit. I found her to be extremely committed to the welfare of her clients. She was very empathetic with clients of different backgrounds and age groups. She could help her clients set realistic goals and achieve them from a space of compassion and non judgementality. Priyanka would create individual treatment plans according to client needs and circumstances. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking therapy .
Sumbul Alladin- Senior Psychologist
I have known Priyanka since 2019 and have worked alongside her for a few years in the field of therapy and counselling . During this time, I have observed and learnt about her ability to be a good listener, an empathetic, compassionate counsellor and friend and work with a wide range of individuals to help them improve their well-being in different facets of their lives. She has an innate curiosity and an insightful, person centred approach through her unique experiences and worldview. She has the ability to create warmth, safety and openness in her professional and personal relationships which I believe are important  aspects of a therapeutic relationship. She is also committed and adventurous when it comes to learning and upskilling within her profession as a psychologist. I'm grateful and proud to call her a trusted colleague, peer and friend!
~Ch. Rohini Kumar
My association with Neha started from our training days when we were beginner therapists. What drew me to her was her patience , ability to listen in a non judgemental manner and make the other person feel very safe and comfortable with her. She is  a keen observer, has a non intrusive nature and her knack  to pick on the non verbal communication of the client makes her a great counsellor. She is empathetic, kind and knows the art of demanding accountability with her clients which are all the hallmarks of a great therapist.She is a natural at motivating people and has experience of working with a diverse set of people which makes her a natural in this role. In a world of Instagram reels and free advice on the internet, Neha works to create a therapeutic plan in accordance with her clients needs. She is flexible and open to explore and adapt as per her clients characteristics. She is constantly upskilling as per the APA's Evidence Based Practice Guidelines to stay abreast of the latest developments in clinical psychology to be able to deliver the best quality of service to her clients  I wish her the very best on this new journey.
~Rajeshwari Mahendran
Counseling Psychologist
Neha is a compassionate counselor. She has the innate ability to create a safe space for people. A space that allows them to share their thoughts without being judged.Empathy, good listening skills, and being non judgmental are the foundational basis of a good counselor. Neha truly embodies all these qualities.She has trained with one of the best counsellors in the city. Her skills as a counselor are testimony of her hardwork and passion for Psychology. At her core, she believes in helping people to the best of her abilities. I truly appreciate Neha's earnest efforts and genuineness.InnerHeal Therapy is a space where people will be ensured quality mental health care. I trust Neha and Priyanka will exercise their knowledge and counselling skills towards this endeavour.
~Divya Varma
Special educator
I have known Neha for a while now,on a personal level and can attest to the fact that she makes a fantastic therapist. Apart from her natural empathy for  people, her patience and understanding,her diligence and drive,I also really admire the way she navigates her own life,with positivity and love. She always comes from a space of being non-judgmental,respectful and honest to the people around her. She also holds space for other people’s opinions,thoughts and feelings. All these qualities naturally reflect in her role as a therapist. She’s a hard worker and her passion for helping people motivates her to create a safe and healing atmosphere for her clients. She is genuine and authentic in her approach which will ensure positive results for everyone at InnerHeal Therapy.
I wish Neha and Priyanka the very best for this venture.
~Shilpa Kummarsetti